Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Paper Circuits: Support Contemporary Student Creativity Projects

Here's a good one that I found in my In Box... I like what offers... If you're not familiar with Paper Circuits, I recommend you peruse this for a few minutes to get yourself informed... They seem to me to be a powerful invitation to put the ART in STEAM Education...
light saber GIF

Paper Circuits In Makerspaces -  One of our favorite makerspace projects (so far) have been the creation of paper circuits.  It's an affordable, easy to learn project that can be completed in 30 minutes which is great for schools. There are countless project ideas that incorporate the paper circuit concept which can be added to most curriculum.  For example, you can combine the ARTS with Technology and make interactive circuit artwork or popup electronic greeting cards. 

If you want more info, check out our step by step paper circuit tutorial that includes 5 free project templates to get you started."

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